Eyelash Extensions   


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      Lash Extensions ~semi eyelash extensions~

        This is the technique to enhance the beauty of the eyes: thicker, longer and fuller beautiul 

        lashes!!! Originating in Asaia and it became popular around 2005. Since than its becoming very

        popular among celebrities here in the U.S. Like Jennifer Lopez,Gwen Stefani,Kylie Jenner and others..

        The procedure starts with checking your eye shape and deciding what kind of look you are trying to achieve. 

         And in a relaxing enviroment in a private room, single lashes will be added to natural eyelashes one by one. 

         Since they are added  one by one  to your eye lashes, you will get a complete natural but gorgeous look 

         at the same time!!!!  Which you can't get from lashes applied as strips. Depending on the look you choose

         you may  wear to special occasions like Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays or Parties etc.. You may also wear 

         them daily for a casual look too. You will be amazed by your natural but glamorous look and how much time 

         and money you save on your eye-make up!!!

      Frequently ask Questions and Answers

       Q.How long is the procedure?

        It may take approximately one and half hour to two hours for full set of extensions.  

       Q.What kind of Lashes do you use and how do you apply?

        Synthetic mink or mink lashes.They will be applied with surgical grade adhesive.

       Q.Can I wet the lashes after the procedure?

         Avoid showers and sweat, crying for 24 hours and No pool or spa for 48 hours. Also avoid oil base cream 

         and eye make removers.

        Q.When is a fill (touch up) recommended?

         Recommend every 2~3weeks. Please avoid  make up around your eyes when you come for your appointment.

       The procedure will be done by a certified lash extension technician with cosmetology license 

       Service Included

  •    Mink(synthetic)  Lash Extension Full set                             $150
  •    Mink(synthetic)  Lash Extension Fill (with in 3weeks)         $75 
  •     Lash Extension removal only                                               $25
  •    Lash Extension After care instruction and lash brush Included
  •   New!! Mink Lash Extension &Eybrow Extension  avaliable                  
  •   Please ask for promotions and special offers!!! I will match promotion price.
  •    Please text me when I'm not able to answer your call.    

   Thank you for your interest.

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